Savings 101: Affordable Hotel Rates on Murree Mall Road 2023

Planning a Trip to Murree:

Planning a trip to Murree, a scenic hill station with high trees and famous tourist points in Pakistan. It is a thrilling experience full of adventures and crucial to begin with weak planning. Firstly, deciding the right time to visit Murree is important because every season has its own charm and unique experience. Also, decide the duration of your stay in Murree and make a list of famous tourist attractions you want to explore. 

Choose Your Destination:

Choose the best tourist destinations to create an unforgettable experience. Murree is full of natural beauty with lush green landscapes, snow-capped mountains, and charming architecture. It depends on your preference whether you like to enjoy the tranquility of nature or are a fan of adventurous activities. Here are a few tourist destinations for different preferences:

Pindi Point and Kashmir Point present panoramic views surrounded by beautiful valleys suitable for those people who like to enjoy a peaceful retreat in Murree. Mall Road with shopping malls, local vendors, markets,  street food, and many restaurants is suitable for shopping and food lovers to enjoy shopping and food. 

Adventure lovers who like trekking and hiking can explore the trials of NathiaGali and enjoy rich forests and natural waterfalls. Patriata provides you with a unique opportunity to enjoy a ride on a chairlift and cable car to enjoy the view of mountains and forests with long trees from the top. Ayubia National Park is an amazing park for your family and kids to spend some quality time. 

Select your destinations according to your preferences and interests. Whether you want to enjoy peace and nature you want to have some adventurous activities or want to have a blend of both. 

Check Travel Dates:

While planning a trip to Murree, check your travel dates to have a convenient and unforgettable experience. Select your date wisely because every season has its unique charm and experience. Summer season is best for you if you want to escape from the heat of city life and want to enjoy a mild temperature and rich green landscape. 

December to February is the best time to play with snow and enjoy the panoramic view of forests and mountains covered with snow-capped. However, tourists have faced problems like land sliding, road closure, and transportation problems. Summer and Autumn weather are suitable for those tourists who want to enjoy moderate weather with less crowd. 

It is important to search the local events, and accommodation availability before finalizing your travel dates. 

Weather Considerations:

Weather plays a vital role in making the overall experience of a trip to Murree. Murree is famous for its ever-changing weather and it is important to choose the right time to visit Murree to create an unforgettable experience. Check the weather in detail before finalizing the date of your trip.

From December to February, you can enjoy snowboarding, skiing, and making snowmen. Spring and Summer seasons offer mild temperatures to enjoy the greenery of landscapes, providing an opportunity to visit waterfalls, enjoy hiking, and picnic with your family or friends. Monsoon season offers the view to enjoy heavy rains and a view of lush green forests and charming hills after rain. 

Choose the right time to visit Murree according to your preferences and activities to make your trip memorable. 

Browse Hotel Near Mall Road:

Following is a list of a few hotels providing royal amenities to make your staycation unforgettable. 

Pearl Continental Hotel: 

Pearl Continental is a luxury hotel for family staycation at Murree. It offers a wide range of royal amenities like spacious rooms, dining facilities, a swimming pool, a beautiful balcony view, and a conference hall for business meetings.  It is quite expensive for a staycation due to its premium facilities.

Pearl Continental Hotel, Bhurban, Bhurban – Updated 2023 Prices

Grand Taj Hotel:

Grand Taj Hotel is a luxury comfortable hotel located at a prime location near Mall Road Murree. It is a five-star hotel famous for its friendly staff, furnished rooms, and royal amenities in affordable packages. It provides secure and free parking, free Wi-Fi, Cable TV, free breakfast, 24-hour room service, a separate bathroom, air-conditioning, mini fridge, microwave, balcony view, and laundry facilities. 

Grand Taj Hotel

Shangrila Resort: 

Shangrila is a well-known resort in Murree and is famous for its mesmerizing ambiance, and serene surroundings. It is a leading restaurant providing cozy and comfortable rooms, a restaurant with national and international cuisine, and the hotel is surrounded by beautiful gardens.   

Hotel One Murree: 

Hotel One offers good staycation for tourists in budget-friendly packages. The hotel provides comfortable rooms for a staycation, dining facilities, and easy access to markets and all tourist points. 

Lockwood Hotel:

Lockwood Hotel is famous for its vintage & classic ambiance. It offers a comfortable staycation to tourists with high-class facilities like 24-hour desk service, free Wi-Fi, friendly staff, and a restaurant. 

Why Stay on Mall Road?

Staying on Mall Road gives a classic experience with panoramic views of lush green hills. Mall Road is not just a street it’s a delightful journey to enjoy in the heart of Murree. Mall Road is an ideal place for a staycation to enjoy various attractions. It is easy to access various shopping malls, local vendors, cozy restaurants, street food, and historical landmarks. 

Mall roads offer many options for a comfortable staycation from luxury hotels to premium lodges at walking distance. It’s easy to find perfect accommodation with secure parking and other royal amenities according to your preferences on this Road.  In the evening it’s charming to walk on Mall Road and enjoy shopping for handicrafts, eating street food, music, and the cool breeze. Mall Road has many historical buildings like quaint churches and colonial-era buildings.

It’s worth having a staycation on Mall Road Murree to enhance the overall experience of staycation in the heart of Murree with panoramic views and facilities.

Compare Rates and make a final decision:

Mall Road Murree has many hotels offering luxurious amenities. You need to choose the best hotel according to your budget and other preferences. Mall Road is a prime location in the heart of Murree has various hotels and their rates depend on the season of the year, the hotel’s rating, and the amenities being provided by the hotel. 

Prices of hotels are expected to be high in summer and winter holidays due to the peak season. Tourists can avail of special deals and discounts in the off-peak season. Tourists can find luxury hotels for comfortable staycation at budget-friendly rates to enjoy royal amenities at reasonable rates. 

After finalizing the dates of the tour, tourists can compare the rates of different hotels without compromising their comfort to find the best hotel for their staycation that will help to increase their staycation experience.  

Amenities That Matter:

To enhance the overall experience of staycation, several amenities are necessary.  Choose a comfortable and well-maintained accommodation to make your stay comfortable. The hotel must be located at a prime location to get easy access to delicious food, and various tourist points. The hotel must have secure and free parking to park your car without any hesitation. 

It is necessary to have a well-furnished and spacious room with free wifi, cable TV, a separate & clean bathroom, friendly staff, an on-site dining facility, a panoramic balcony view, 24-hour room service, air conditioning, a mini fridge, and a microwave. 

Select Your Hotel according to your needs & budget:

Choosing the best hotel for your staycation is a crucial decision because it has a great effect on the overall experience of your travel experience. The decision is greatly influenced by your needs or preferences, and budget. Consider your trip whether it is a business trip or a family trip and check the amenities of hotels according to your needs.

Consider the amenities being provided by different hotels and their prices. Choose the hotel that provides all the amenities you want to enjoy during your stay at a reasonable price. 

Affordable Hotel Booking Tips:

With some planning and guidance, you can book your hotel at affordable rates. Here are a few tips to book your hotel:

  • If you are planning to visit Murree during peak season, it is good to book your hotel in advance to secure better rates and availability.
  • Search and compare the prices of different hotels.
  • Consider booking your hotels during weekdays to get room at affordable rates.
  • Keep a check on discount offers and promotions to avail rooms at the best possible rates. 
  • Book your room directly from the hotel’s website to avoid extra charges or taxes.
  • Search for hotels that provide flexible booking options like free cancelation up to a certain date. 
  • Try to visit in off season to avail best deals and discounts.
  • Negotiate with the hotel staff, if you are booking a staycation for a longer period. 

Early Booking vs. Last Minute Deals:

Early bookings and last-minute deals both come with some advantages and disadvantages. Early bookings give you a wide variety of hotels and rooms to choose the best even in peak season but at the last minute, you are left with limited hotel choices. Early booking provides you an opportunity to book a room at budget-friendly packages while last-minute booking could be quite expensive.

Early booking provides you with a piece of mind and last-minute booking is a risk whether you will be able to avail room according to your choice or not. 

Book Your Stay:

Browse the website of your favorite hotel and check the deals, rates, and amenities being provided by them. After selecting your travel dates, book your stay at the hotel website. Book your stay to enjoy the tranquility of the natural views of Murree. 

Confirm Reservation:

Confirm your reservation one day before your tour to Murree through a phone call. Before leaving your home for the Murrree tour, it is important to confirm your reservation to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Make Most enjoyable your Tour:

Plan your tour well to enjoy any perk of your tour in a budget-friendly package. Choose the best time, hotel, and tourist points to create an unforgettable experience. Your staycation plays a vital role in enhancing the overall experience of your travel.  

Where to Stay: Hotels on Murree Mall Road: Reviews and Info

Introduction to Murree’s Charming Mall Road:

Mall Road is a popular business hub in Muree featuring many attractions for tourists from all over the country. There are many hotels & resorts for family stays, cafeterias, play areas for children, and banks.  Mall Road has many local and international brands. Various local clothing stores and brands sell high-quality leather jackets, sweaters, hats, and scarves. Many handicrafts like jewelry shops include customized chains, keychains, rings, and other accessories. There are many stalls of handicrafts for tourists to buy gifts for their loved ones. Kashmiri shawls, carpets, and other accessories are famous handicrafts of Murree. You can also buy dry fruit and Multan’s famous sweet sohn halwa for your loved ones.    

Outdoor Adventures Nearby  Mall Road:

The night view of Mall Road is captivating and breathtaking when the lights of the local area are shining and stars are twinkling in the sky. The tourist love to enjoy the nightlife at Mall Road.  The food street is very famous for serving traditional and Pakistani food to tourists. The food street is always crowded with people eating biryani, chicken karahi, fried fish, halwa pori, and other food items.

There is a huge play area for kids with slides and other swings for the entertainment of kids. Mall Road is lined up with local markets and brands to buy leather jackets, sweaters, handmade jewelry, and dry fruits. Every scenery of Mall Road is photogenic. You can capture pictures of high hills, peaceful sunset views, and tall trees. 

Top Hotels Overview:

There are many luxury hotels & resorts near mall road murree for the comfortable staycation of tourists from all over the country. All the hotels offer comfortable stays in a premium location with top-notch amenities to make your stay memorable.  Every hotel is equipped with all necessities of life to feel the guests like home.

The rooms are easily available according to the requirements and budget of the tourists. You can easily avail room according to your members of family and amenities. All the hotels have breathtaking views from their balcony.

Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban: Luxurious Mountain Retreat:

Pearl Continental Hotel is a luxury hotel located in Bhurban. It offers panoramic views of high hills and thick forests from its balcony. The hotel offers cozy rooms, vast cousins, and high-class services for making your stay memorable and comfortable. It is quite expensive as it provides many recreational activities to its guests.  

Maisonette Hotel & Resorts: Victorian Elegance Amidst Nature:

Maisonette Hotel & Resorts is a high-class hotel near Mall Road. This luxury hotel offers modern amenities with a traditional ambiance. It is convenient to visit all the famous tourist spots from this hotel. 

Grand Taj Hotel: Cozy Boutique Stay:

Grand Taj Hotel is a 5-star hotel near Mall Road Murree. It offers a secure and comfortable environment for the easy staycation of a family. They offer high-class amenities like free & secure parking, well-furnished rooms, 24-hour room service, a separate washroom, free breakfast, a panoramic view from the balcony, and laundry facilities in budget-friendly packages. 

Grand Taj Hotel

Lockwood Hotel: Family-Friendly Accommodation:

Lockwood Hotel is situated near mall road Murree. This hotel has mesmerizing interior, well-furnished rooms, and some old traditional touch. It provides an opportunity to enjoy a balcony view with tea. 

Hotel One Murree: Budget-Friendly Options:

Hotel One is located near mall road offering only basic facilities for the tourist’s staycation. It is a budget-friendly option for tourists.  

Insider Tips for a Memorable Stay:

Here are some insider tips to make your stay more memorable:

  • Make your hotel reservations in advance, if you are planning to visit Murree in peak seasons or during summer or winter holidays.
  • To cater to the unpredictable weather of Muree, bring layers of jackets and sweaters. Don’t forget to bring rain gear. 
  • Avoid your visit in peak seasons if you want to have a peaceful scenic view.
  • Search for hotels and resorts from where it is easy to access every tourist attraction and market.
  • Try local food or regional specialties of Pakistan to get to know more about your culture.
  • Explore the outdoor activities of Murree like Pindi Point, Kashmir Point, hiking and trekking, etc. 
  • Keep cash with you rather than keeping debit cards.
  • Keep yourself hydrated because it is necessary for doing outdoor activities. 
  • Plan every detail of your trip including your favorite tourist spots, best hotel, and budget.

Seasonal Attractions and Activities:

Here are a few activities and attractions of Murree:

Spring Season Attractions:

During the spring season when flowers are blooming and there is greenery everywhere tourists can enjoy rides on chairlifts and can enjoy hiking and trekking. 

Summer Season Attractions:

During the cool temperature and refreshing breeze, the tourists can enjoy a picnic at Ayubia National Park, enjoy shopping from local and branded markets, and try local and traditional foods from the food street.  

Monsoon Season Attractions:

During the misty and cloudy weather of monsoon, tourists can enjoy the visit of beautiful hills, tall and thick forests, and panoramic waterfalls.

Autumn Season Attractions:

Enjoy the fall foliage during the autumn season and indulge in the beauty of Murree hills while getting a cable car ride on Patriata. Capture the beauty of Murree Hills with your camera. 

Winter Season Attractions:

Enjoy snow during the winter season and tourists can do skiing and snowboarding on the slopes. 

Kid-Friendly Attractions and Amusements:

There are spacious play areas for kids on Mall Road for the amusement of kids. Kids can make their moment special by playing with swings and slides in the play area. Kids can also do gaming activities at mall road. You can kids to Ayubia National Park for their recreation.

Make Reservations and Contact Information:

If you want a comfortable and luxurious stay at a 5-star hotel on a pocket-friendly budget then Grand Taj Hotel is the best option for you. Plan your trip and make a reservation in advance at www.grandtajhotel.com for a quick and easy reservation. You can visit their website and can take information using their contact number and reserve a room in advance to avoid inconvenience.  

Plan Your Next Murree Getaway:

Plan your trip to Murree and search for the best hotel for a luxurious and comfortable staycation. Book your favorite hotel in advance to make your stay memorable and comfortable. 

Murree Summer Weather: Tips for a Comfortable Stay

Murree Summer Weather:

The summer weather in Murree is more pleasant than in the rest of Punjab for welcoming tourists from all over the country. The month of June is the hottest month of summer in Murree. But there is a 90% chance of rain on every normal day in Murree. August is the wettest month of Summer in Murree. The evening view of nature and mountains in Muree will take your heart. The weather mostly remains cloudy in June and there are high expectations of heavy rain along with snowfall. The high mountains are one of the best views to visit in Murree.  

Choose the Right Time to Visit:

Summer is the best time to visit Murree because you can take your family to enjoy vacations near natural views. You can enjoy many festivals and activities in Murree such as National Arts Festival. You can do hiking towards the waterfall to spend a pleasant and relaxing day between the green mountains. You can also enjoy the breathtaking natural view of Kashmir Point with your loved ones.  

Pack Light and Breathable Clothing:

Pack light clothes when you are traveling to Murree in the summer. Summer is usually warm n Murree and  5-10 rains can be expected in a month. You can take a mix of long and short sleeves light dresses. You can take lightweight sandals or shoes, a travel first-aid kit, etc.

Stay Hydrated Throughout Your Stay:

Keep your water bottle with you to keep yourself hydrated all the time during your stay at Murree. Drink clean and healthy water to stay healthy. Drink fresh juices, and plenty of water to avoid dehydration during your stay at Murree. 

Protect Yourself from the Sun:

Protect yourself from direct sun exposure. Direct exposure to the sun can damage your skin as well as your overall health. Heat stroke could damage your health. To protect your skin from the sun always wear good sunscreen. Always take an umbrella with you when you are going outside during day time. Try to do outdoor activities in the evening. 

Find Comfortable Accommodation at Grand Taj Hotel:

If you are looking for a comfortable stay with impeccable services in a budget-friendly package. Then The Grand Taj Hotel is the best option for you and your loved ones. Surprise your loved ones with a splendid stay at a lavish hotel located in a prime location of Murree. You can enjoy the eye-catching views of Muree from the balcony of this luxury hotel. The hotel provides 24-hours room service, free breakfast, unlimited Wifi, TV, free and secure parking, and breathtaking views from the balcony. You cannot find such royal amenities in such a reasonable package.

Experience home-like services away from home to make your stay comfortable and unforgettable.  Grand Taj Hotel offers luxury and lavish rooms for tourists with 5-star amenities to make their stay comfortable and unforgettable. It has four categories of rooms including Standard Room, Premium Room, Junior Suite, and Deluxe Suite. 


Grand Taj Hotel

Enjoy Indoor Activities During Hot Hours:

You can enjoy some indoor activities during hot hours for recreation. You can do shopping, enjoy the panoramic view from the balcony, spend quality time with your family by playing cardboard or any other indoor game, Check out hotel Cuisine, and enjoy tasty food from local places.

Explore Murree’s Pleasant Evening Climate:

The evening is the best time in summer to explore the popular tourist points of Murree. It is a dream city to visit to get an escape from the sweltering heat of summer. Mountains in Murree are covered with lush green trees. It is a beautiful city with tall trees, fresh air, and beautiful clouds touching you joyfully while traveling on the road. You can perform many outdoor activities in the evening like visiting tourist places, playing golf, hiking, cycling, camping, and horse riding. You can enjoy the natural beauty of Murree while having tea in the beautiful scenery.

Experience Nature’s Beauty in Surrounding Areas:

Experience the natural beauty of Murree by visiting the nearest tourist points. Murree is full of well-known attractive locations and tourists come from all over the country to enjoy these natural views. Let’s unfold spectacular views of Murree:

Kashmir Point:

It is a majestic point in Murree with tall lush green trees in the mountains of Kashmir. It is the most visited point in Murre due to its natural panoramic views. Now natural beauty point also has markets for shopping and many food points for tourists.

Pindi Point:

Pindi Point has glorious natural views with a chairlift ride for tourists. You can also enjoy a cable car ride from Pindi Point to Bansra Gali. You can enjoy the view of tall trees in their zigzag manner.

Mall Road:

Mall Road is the most popular visited and busy place in Murree. It is also called the business hub of the city. There are many markets for shopping, cafeterias, food courts, play areas for kids, handmade crafts, jewelry, and many luxury hotels and resorts. 


It is located near Lower Topa and is a well-developed and awesome place for visiting during summer. It has also a cable car and chair lift to enjoy the breathtaking views of  Murree. 


Kahola also known as Neelum Point is a popular tourist point in Murree. You can also visit Kashmir Waterfall during your visit to Neelum Point. 


Nathiagali is the most visited gali in the Galliyat. It is located 35 kilometers from Abbottabad and Murree. It has glorious views of the snow-capped mountains of Kohistan and Kashmir. In clear weather, you can also view the Mountains of Naga Parbat. 


Ayubia is well-known for its steep slopes, rolling hills, and pleasant environment. It is the most visited place in Murree. Chairlift ride provides an opportunity to visit hills uniquely. The hill stations at Ayubia are well-equipped and have many facilities. 

Changla Gali:

Changla Gali is famous for its cool climate and spectacular views. It is a peaceful place near a densely populated area. It has many hotels & resorts to enjoy natural beauty away from the hustle and bustle of busy areas. 

Ghora Gali:

It is also a famous Gali in Gallyat to visit in Murree. It has many hotels & resorts to serve the tourists from all over the country. It is famous for its yummy food and splendid natural views to stay in peace.


Conclusion: Make the Most of Murree’s Summer:

If you are worried about the sweltering summer heat and looking for a cool place to get an escape.  Then plan to visit Murree to visit snow-capped mountains, and cool mountain air to beat the heat of summer. Discover Murree to explore adventure around its every corner. Murree gives you a chance to have an unforgettable summer gateway at a budget-friendly cost. Escape in the natural mountains caped with tall trees of Murree to beat the heat of summer with style and comfort.    

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