Understand the Unique Winter Climate of Murree 2023

Introduction to Murree’s winter climate:

Murree is famous for its pleasant weather and picturesque scenery. The winter weather offers to enjoy snow and a cool breeze in the heart of the mountains. The months from November to February are considered winter season and the temperature goes down and even leads to freezing point and the formation of snowfall. The chilly weather increases the charm of this beautiful hill station. 

Pakistan snow: Deadly weather traps hundreds of drivers - BBC News

Overview of Murree’s geographical location:

Murree is a famous hill station located in the Pir Panjal range of the Himalayas. Murree is located approximately 35.3289° N latitude and 73.4179° E longitude. Murree is located at a height of around 2,291 meters (7,516 feet) above sea level. It is 64 kilometers away from the capital city Islamabad.  

Average winter temperatures in Murree:

During December and January, the range of temperature would be -5°C to 5°C. The temperature also fluctuates. The temperature vary from year to year and snowfall trend also vary from time to time. 

Snowfall patterns in Murree during winter:

The most attractive aspect of Murree’s weather is the snowfall. This hilly town is always covered with a white layer of snow. It is a magical scene observing trees, hill caps, and roofs covered with snow. The snowfall usually starts in December and continues until February. Tourists enjoy many snow sports and other activities to make their tour memorable. 

Heavy Snow Kills 21 at Murree Hill Station in Pakistan - The New York Times

Unique features of Murree’s winter climate:

Murree’s climate has many distinctive and unique features:


Snowfall is the most attractive feature of Murree climate for tourists. The region experiences heavy snowfall from December to February. The hills covered with snowfall allow you to enjoy an unforgettable winter experience. 

Cold temperature:

Murree’s winter climate is noted to be cold normally. The temperature of Murree falls to zero and even goes to minus, and becomes freezing. So, tourists must be prepared for the chilly conditions.  

Foggy Atmosphere:

During winters, Murree often observes the foggy conditions. The visibility will reduced and a cozy and chilly ambience is created in the heart of the mountains. Tourists should be careful while driving during foggy conditions. 

Frozen Streams & Lakes:

The frozen streams and lakes enhance the beauty of factor of this picturesque hill station. Tourists enjoy the breathtaking view of frozen streams & lakes. 

Popular winter activities in Murree:

The winters in Murree offer many winter sports and thrill activities for sports enthusiasts. Tourists can enjoy snowboarding, skiing, and sledding. Tourists can also make different things with snow and enjoy snow fights with family or friends. The snow-covered slopes and hills provide a recreational scene for tourists to make unforgettable memories.

Local traditions and festivals during winter:

Winters of Murree are known for snowfall which makes it a must-visit place for tourists. Following are the local traditions and festivals during winter:

Snowfall Celebrations:

The first snowfall of the season is a big celebration for the locals and tourists. Residents of the area arrange gatherings for the tourists to celebrate this special event. 

Winter Festivals:

The locals of Murree arrange winter festivals during the season and showcase local culture, tradition, and art through different stalls of handmade jewelry, carpets, sweaters, and decors.  

Cultural Performances:

The local community of the region arranges cultural performances during the winter season for tourists. 

Bonfires & Warmth:

Due to chilly weather, the residents arrange gatherings around bonfires to provide a chance for tourists to enjoy deep conversations with the locals to understand their culture and enjoy their hospitality. 

Challenges faced by residents and tourists in winter:

Tourists and residents have to face lots of problems during the winter season due to geographical location, and climate severity.  

  • Tackle cold weather is the biggest challenge for the locals as well as tourists. It can cause discomfort and hypothermia. 
  • Snow and ice can make roads slippery, increasing the chances of road accidents and injuries. 
  • There could be delays in buses, flights, and trains due to snowfall or severe weather conditions.
  • Severe weather conditions can affect health badly. Tourists may cause fever, flu, cough, and muscle pains. 
  • It is difficult to enjoy outdoor activities during severe weather conditions.

Must-visit winter attractions in Murree:

Here are must-visited winter attractions in Murree:

Pindi Point:

Pindi Point is a beautiful tourist spot to take a breathtaking view of Murree Hills and enjoy a peaceful walk. 

Pindi Point Murree Pakistan - Places to Visit at Hamariweb Travel

Kashmir Point:

Kashmir Point is famous for its serene views of snow-capped mountains and beautiful gardens.  

Kashmir Point - A Panoramic Vista in the Heart of Murree

Mall Road:

Mall Road is a famous business hub lined up with markets, stalls, restaurants, cafes, and street food for tourists. 

Murree Mall Road 2021 | Mall Road Murree Market View | Mall Road Murree Vlog | Murree Tour - YouTube


Patriata is a famous tourist point with a chair lift and cable car ride for tourists.

Patriata cable car reopens for tourists

Ayubia National Park:

Ayubia National Park is a natural beautiful place for families with hiking trails, forests, and picnic spots. 

Ayubia National Park - Wikipedia


Nathiagali is a beautiful place away from the hustle and bustle of city life to enjoy hiking, lush green mountains, and pleasant weather. 

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Bhurban is surrounded by dense pine forests and is famous for luxury hotels and resorts.

Bhurban - Wikipedia

Tips for preparing for a winter trip to Murree:

Following are the tips while preparing for a winter trip to Murree:

  • Pack layers of warm clothes including sweaters, jackets, coats, gloves, hats, and waterproof boots. 
  • Check the weather forecast and be prepared for every type of weather including snowfall.
  • Book your staycation in advance especially in peak season like during winter to avoid any kind of inconvenience. Book a place with heating facilities. 
  • Take basic medicines for flu or pain, and stay hydrated to keep yourself healthy.
  • Check weather conditions before traveling and reliable source for traveling because roads could be slippery.
  • Plan winter activities like snowboarding, and skiing. 

Accommodation options and considerations in winter:

Grand Taj Hotel is the best hotel for a staycation during the winter season. It is located in the heart of the city and it is easy to access most of the tourist points from this hotel. The hotel provides 5-star amenities like free & secure parking, free breakfast, 24-hour room service, a heating facility, and free wifi. 


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