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Grand Taj Hotel Cuart Road, Murree, Pakistan

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The Grand Taj Hotel in Murree welcomes guests of all marital statuses and does not ask for it during check-in. The hotel requires a state-issued ID or passport for international guests for record-keeping purposes only. The hotel is family-friendly and welcomes guests to come and share their moments with their loved ones, regardless of their marital status. The hotel is not just a place to sleep but to create memories with your partner, friends, or family.

The Grand Taj Hotel places great emphasis on guest comfort and, as such, offers 24/7 access to hot and cold water in all rooms. Each room has a shower, toilet, sink, and kitchen area with a refrigerator and gas range to heat food. The hotel also provides 24/7 heater service to ensure guests stay comfortably.

The Grand Taj Hotel offers dedicated and free parking for our guests’ convenience. Guests can park their vehicles securely and without additional cost during their stay. It eliminates the need for guests to worry about hourly or daily parking fees. 

The Grand Taj Hotel offers a delightful and satisfying breakfast experience to guests. Guests can start their day with a lovely meal, ensuring they have the energy they need for a busy day.

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