Discover Murree: Your Ultimate Hotel Booking Guide in Pakistan

Murree Travel Essentials:

A luxury hotel with impeccable services and mouthwatering views is essential for a comfortable and secure trip. A luxurious hotel is necessary to enjoy quality time with your family away from the hustle and bustle of your routine. Choosing a good hotel with cooperative staff, royal services for leisure, and 5-star amenities in a budget-friendly package is vital to make your moment more special away from home. The hotel must provide you with enough amenities to feel at home. You must be provided with everyday essentials so you could enjoy your stay fully. Hotels providing home-like facilities without breaking the bank are the most suitable options for a stay. 

Explore Murree’s Charms:

Muree is one of the most visited and scenic tourist points in Pakistan. There are many delightful attractions in Murree to cherish your moments. Here are a few most visited tourist charms in Murree:

Mall Road:

Walk on this road called business hub avenue in the heart of Murree lined up with shopping malls, restaurants, local markets, and coffee shops.  It is a busy place to walk on the road, do shopping from local markets, buy handicrafts, enjoy coffee from small coffee shops, and enjoy street food, buy groceries and medicine.  


Take an adventurous ride on the chairlift at Patriata to enjoy the panoramic views of hills caped with long trees. 

Kashmir Point:

Enjoy the vintage view of the forest and long snow-capped trees from this highest enchanting tourist point. 

Ayubia National Park: 

Ayubia National Park is natural tranquility to observe wildlife and allows walking on long trails. It is the best place to visit with family to cherish your moments.


Bhurban is a natural tourist spot away from the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy natural beauty. This upscale destination has many luxury hotels and golf clubs to make your stay memorable. 


Best Time to Visit Murree:

Here is a guideline about the best time to visit Muree in every season: 

In summer, May to August is the best time to visit Murree. In these hottest months of summer, Murree invites many tourists from all over the country to enjoy a luxury stay and pleasant weather in the evening with family and friends. Summer is a good season to visit Murree to beat the heat.

In Winter, November and December are the best months to enjoy the winter season in Murree. And January and February are best to enjoy snowfall in Murree. The Scenes of Murree Hills become mouthwatering this season when the mountains and trees are snow-capped.  

Top Hotels in Murre:

There are many luxury hotels in Murree for the comfortable stay of tourists during their visit to Murree. We have discussed a few top Murree Hotels with well-furnished rooms, high-class treatment, and panoramic balcony views.

Hotel One: 

The luxury Hotel One is located near Murree Hills and it is a famous hotel for tourists. It is a 5-star hotel providing royal amenities to its guests in the heart of Murree. The ambiance of the hotel is mesmerizing and the rooms are spacious, and clean, and have a panoramic view from the window. All the rooms are well-furnished with sofas, cupboards, coffee tables, a chair, a writing desk, and a dressing mirror, and provide amenities like air conditioning, a mini-bar fridge, flat TV, and a luggage rack. 

There are seven categories of rooms available at the hotel with different amenities according to your budget and requirement. The room with minimum charges is Deluxe Non-Valley Room with 1 double bed and it can accommodate two people easily with charges PKR 16,650 per night excluding tax. The room with maximum charges is Duplexe Suite Standard with 1 king size bed and two single beds to accommodate 4 persons easily with charges PKR 37000 per night excluding tax. 

Grand Taj Hotel:

Grand Taj Hotel is a 5-star hotel near Mall Road Muree for a comfortable family stay. It provides a secure and peaceful environment for families to retreat away from their grinding routine. It offers royal amenities to its guests at affordable packages. It is the most suitable hotel for tourists as it provides free & secure parking and 24-hour desk service. It is located in a prime location where you can walk on the road, and enjoy coffee from small coffee shops, many shopping malls, local markets, grocery stores, and restaurants. hotel-in-murree

It offers four categories of rooms for its guests.

  • The Standard Room with 1 king-size bed is perfect for two adults and one child.
  • Premium Room with one double bed and one single bed to accommodate 3 adults and 1 child.
  • Junior Suite is a high-class room with 1 king-size bed and two single beds to accommodate 4 adults and one child.
  • Deluxe Suite is a luxury room with 2 queen size beds and 1 single bed to accommodate 5 adults and two children. Extra mattresses are also available on demand.

All the rooms are spacious, luxurious, and budget-friendly as compared to other hotels. 


Grand Taj Hotel provides 5-star amenities to its guest in the lap of nature. It offers a complimentary breakfast, unlimited wifi, flat TV, air conditioning, a mini fridge, a microwave, a clean & separate bathroom, laundry service, 24-hour room service, and a breathtaking balcony view.  

Shangrila Hotel: 

Shangrila Resort is a high-class hotel near Mall Road Murree. It is a branch of a chain hotel serving different cities of Pakistan. Enjoy a comfortable and luxurious staycation in this high-class resort. Enjoy the natural views around the hotel with 5-star amenities. It offers impeccable services like flat TV, free wifi, a separate bathroom, a balcony view, and a minibar. 

Shangrila Hotel offers four categories of rooms. Standard Double Room with one double bed offering accommodation for 2 persons. Executive Suite is a luxury room with high-class amenities equipped with one double bed and perfect for 2 person’s stay. Deluxe Suite is a more luxurious room with one double bed and offers accommodation for 2 persons. The family suite is equipped with 1 double bed and two single beds to offer accommodation to four persons. It is quite an expensive hotel compared to other nearby hotels. 

Choose Your Ideal Accommodation

Choose Grand Taj Hotel for a luxury and comfortable staycation without breaking the bank. It offers 5-star amenities in budget-friendly packages. It is located in a prime location in the heart of the city surrounded by beautiful natural views of Murree Hills. It is easy to visit tourist points, shopping malls, markets, grocery stores, and medical stores. It offers furnished rooms with mesmerizing ambiance, free breakfast, free & secure parking, and a breathtaking balcony view at pocket-friendly charges.   

Luxury Stays & Mountain Views:

High-class hotels with impeccable services play a vital role to make your stay more comfortable and luxurious. Grand Taj Hotel is a 5-star hotel in the heart of Murree with a prime location and impeccable services. Guests have a chance to cherish moments in the lap of leisure with the mouthwatering view from every room’s balcony. This hotel is like paradise away from the hustle and bustle of grinding routine to enjoy panoramic views and royal amenities. This hotel is a home away from your own home for a comfortable and luxurious stay. 

Budget-Friendly Lodging Options:

Grand Taj Hotel offers luxury and comfortable stay with 5-star amenities to savor every moment of your stay. Cherish moments with family and feel at home with 24-hour dest service, friendly staff, breathtaking views from the balcony along with a cup of tea, free wifi, air-conditioning, flat tv, mini-fridge, microwave,  free & secure parking, complimentary breakfast, and laundry facility. 

Booking Tips & Tricks:

Following are a few Hotel booking tips & tricks:

  • Search for the best hotel providing royal amenities to its guests and also compare the prices of different hotels. 
  • Choose a hotel at a prime location with a secure environment and free parking.
  • Select the best hotel providing 5-star amenities without breaking the bank. 
  • Book the hotel from its website to get a room without paying tax. Booking a room from the hotel’s official website is budget friendly as the taxes are not charged at its website as compared to

Exclusive Deals & Packages

Grand Taj Hotel is offering complimentary breakfast with each room and also offers exclusive deals and discount offers for its guests to make their stay comfortable and cherishing. The exclusive deals offered by this luxury hotel with royal amenities are an amazing gift for the guests to enjoy luxuries without breaking the bank. The hotel offers up to 30% discount on each room for a more than 3-night stay and also offer a tax-free room for booking a room from our website. 

Plan a Memorable Stay:

Plan your trip in detail before leaving for it to make it more memorable. Decide the tourist attractions you want to visit. Search for hotels from where it is easy to visit all tourist spots. Search about the amenities they are offering and the charges being charged by these hotels. Choose the hotel with more luxury amenities and fewer charges comparatively for a memorable stay. Book your hotel in advance and spend quality time with your family during your stay to savor every moment. Keep all the essentials with you to avoid any problems. 

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