Discover the perfect family staycation near Mall Road in Murree

Introduction to Mall Road Murree

Murree is a popular and scenic hill station in Pakistan. Tourists from all over the country come to enjoy the charming views of mountains covered with thick forests. It is located in the Pir Panjal Range of the Himalayas and is famous for its breathtaking views and pleasant weather.  Thick forests with long trees, lush green meadows, and beautiful waterfalls of Murree offer a peaceful stay for tourists away from the hustle and bustle of a busy life.  

Mall Road is known as the heart of Murree. It encapsulates the charm of natural beauty as well as a business hub and creates a unique vibe for the tourists. Mall Road is lined up with business activities including shopping malls, street food, handicraft & jewelry stalls, and restaurants to give a delightful experience to the tourists. Tourists can enjoy shopping for local handicrafts and also enjoy local and international cuisine offered by local restaurants.


It provides an opportunity to walk on the roads in the evening to enjoy the evening breeze with local music. Moreover, it has many luxury hotels for a comfortable and cozy staycation and it is easy to visit different tourist spots from Mall Road. 

Best family Staycation Near Mall Road Murree: 

Mall Road Murree has various hotels offering memorable stays with a beautiful ambiance and breathtaking balcony views. The Murre hotels and cottages offer a comfortable and adventurous stay for tourists from all over the country.   These hotels offer relaxed staycation with cozy rooms, royal amenities, high-class treatment, and breathtaking views.  

Grand Taj Hotel Overview:

Grand Taj Hotel is a majestic jewel in the heart of the city that offers a luxurious staycation for tourists seeking a comfortable and relaxed hotel. The luxury ambiance of the hotel in the middle of the breathtaking mountains’ breathtaking views adds elegance and sophistication to the tourist’s staycation. The classic design, woodwork, and quaint balcony add a traditional touch to the hotel’s interior. 

Grand Taj Hotel

It is located in the center of Murree Hills near Mall Road surrounded by scenic landscapes and mountains. It is easy to access local markets, restaurants, and other tourist attractions from this hotel. If you want to enjoy picturesque views in a luxury and comfortable hotel then the Grand Taj Hotel is the best option. This five-star hotel provides royal amenities and high-class treatment at unbeatable charges. 

Most of the tourists recommend this hotel for its balcony view, friendly staff, safe & secure environment, and free parking. Moreover, they offer the best deals and discounts to make your family staycation more memorable. 

Accommodation Options:

Standard Room: 

Standard Rooms are well-designed rooms for a comfortable staycation of two adults and one child. It has all the amenities needed for relaxation after a visit or hiking day.  Each Standard Room offers one queen-sized bed and an extra mattress will be provided on demand with extra charges.

The royal services for this room include 24-hour room service, free Wi-Fi, free & secure parking, cable TV, separate & clean bathroom, hot water, laundry facilities, and a central heating system. The charges for a Standard Room are only PKR 6500/ night and the hotel offers amazing deals and discount offers on more than 3 nights stay. 

Grand Taj Standard Room

Premium Room:

It is a spacious and well-decorated room equipped with one queen-sized bed and one single bed and an extra mattress will be available on demand with extra charges. It offers a comfortable staycation for 3 adults and one child.

The room offers high-class amenities including air-conditioning, free WiFi, free & secure parking, cable TV, a separate bathroom, hot water, a balcony view, a living area, laundry facilities, and a rooftop restaurant. The room is available in PRK 7500/night and the hotel also offers attractive deals for more than a 3-night stay. 

grand taj hotel premium rooms in murree

Suite Options:

Junior Suite:

Junior Suite is a luxury room offering one queen-sized bed and two single beds for a comfortable staycation of 4 adults and one child. This room offers a wide variety of lavish facilities to tourists including free breakfast, free Wi-Fi, cable TV, free & secure parking, air-conditioning, a separate bathroom with hot water,  and a private balcony. This room is available for PKR 8500 per night. 

Junior Suite Room

Deluxe Suite:

The Deluxe Suite is an extravagant room with luxury amenities for elegant and sophisticated guests at reasonable charges. It is equipped with two queen-sized beds and one single bed offers a comfortable staycation for 5 adults an extra mattress will be available on demand with some extra charges. Each room offers luxury amenities including free Wi-Fi,  free breakfast, cable TV, a separate bathroom with hot water, a living area, a dining hall, a mini refrigerator, a microwave, and a private balcony.

This luxury room is available for only PKR 10,000 per night and you can avail the extra discount for more than a two-night stay. 


Family-Friendly Amenities:

Grand Taj Hotel offers 5-star amenities for a comfortable and luxury family-friendly staycation. It offers well-furnished rooms and suites for tourists with royal amenities including free & secure parking, 24-hour desk and room service, free Wi-Fi, cable TV, free breakfast, clean bathroom, air-conditioning, friendly staff, microwave, mini refrigerator, beautiful balcony view, laundry services, and a rooftop restaurant with different types of cuisine.

It offers peaceful and spacious rooms in budget-friendly packages. The hotel offers a special discount on a more than two-night stay. 

Nearby Attractions:

Here are some famous tourist attractions and activities near Mall Road Murree:

Pindi Point:

Pindi Point is a famous tourist point to view beautiful mountains and valleys. It provides an opportunity for horse riding.

Kashmir Point:

Kashmir Point is a famous tourist point near Mall Road to enjoy the stunning view of Kashmir valley and lush green mountains away from the hustle and bustle of city life. 


Patriata is now famous as a new Murree. It offers a ride on a cable car or chair to enjoy the panoramic views of the mountains and valleys. 

Shopping on Mall Road:

Tourists can visit many jewelry, handicrafts, and decor stalls and buy stuff for their loved ones. 

Tracking & Hiking:

Tourists can enjoy trekking and hiking in the mountains. It will help them to make their tour more adventurous and memorable. 


Tourists can enjoy local and international food in different restaurants and stalls on the Mall Road. 

How to Explore The Tourist Attractions:

To visit all the tourist attractions, first research the famous tourist points and make a list of your favorite places. Use Google Maps or any other app to locate all the shortlisted places. This will help plan your route. 

Transportation Options:
By Walk:

It is easy to explore Mall Road to enjoy shopping and street food by walking on the road. 

Local Taxis:

It is easy to find taxis in Murree. You can hire taxis and negotiate on n fair. 

Car Rental:

For a flexible and comfortable tour, car rental is a suitable option. 

Booking and Reservations

It is easy to book a room at the Grand Taj Hotel near Mall Road Murree. You can visit their website to explore their rooms and book a suitable room for yourself at a budget-friendly package. You can also book a room from but you have to pay extra charges from this website. It is better to book a room at the hotel’s website to avail better deals and discounts. 


Grand Taj Hotel offers a comfortable and luxurious staycation for tourists from all over Pakistan coming to visit Murree. It provides luxury amenities to its guests and is located in the heart of Murree and it is easy to visit various tourist attractions easily. It is a luxurious family gateway available in budget-friendly packages.

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