Best Family Hotels in Murree for the 2024 Summer Holidays

Best Family Hotels in Murree for the 2024 Summer Holidays

Introduction to Murree:

Murree is a popular summer destination for families from all over the country. It is an ideal destination for tourists seeking to escape city life’s heat and hustle. Murree is a picturesque hill station in the Pir Panjal Range, within the Rawalpindi District of Punjab, Pakistan. This charming hill station offers the perfect retreat for relaxation and rejuvenation with its pleasant climate, lush greenery, and stunning mountain views. 

The town of Murree is not only famous for its natural beauty but also for its charming colonial architecture, bustling bazaars, and numerous recreational activities. The famous attractions include the Mall Road, a vibrant shopping street lined with quaint shops, restaurants, and cafes, and Patriata (New Murree).  

Why Visit Murree in Summer

Summer in Murree is a magical experience, with cool temperatures and refreshing breezes providing relief from the scorching heat of the plains. The town comes alive with vibrant flowers, bustling markets, and many outdoor activities for visitors of all ages to enjoy. There is something for everyone in Murree including strolls through pine forests or adrenaline-pumping adventure sports. The region’s rich biodiversity provides a perfect backdrop for outdoor activities such as hiking and picnicking. 

Criteria for Selecting Family Hotels

Choose a family hotel in Murree considering the factors like location, amenities, price, and customer reviews. A family-friendly hotel should offer spacious rooms, kid-friendly facilities, and activities catering to children and adults. Safety and cleanliness are also non-negotiable in selecting accommodation for your loved ones.

Best Family Hotels in Murree:

Following are fre family-friendly hotels in Murree:

Grand Taj Hotel:

Grand Taj Hotel is famous for its luxurious accommodations and excellent hospitality. It is located near Mall Road Muree and offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys. The rooms are spacious and well-furnished, featuring modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. Guests can enjoy a variety of cuisines at the rooftop restaurant. The hotel also provides facilities including free Wi-Fi, parking, and a concierge service.

Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban:

The Pearl Continental Hotel Bhurban is a symbol of elegance and comfort. This premium hotel offers a range of luxurious rooms and suites with panoramic views of the Kashmir Valley. The hotel also provides leisure facilities for the family. It is an ideal destination for both relaxation and adventure, with nearby hiking trails and golf courses.

Shangrila Resort Hotel:

Shangrila Resort Hotel is situated on the picturesque Mall Road. It offers a blend of traditional charm and modern convenience. The hotel features well-appointed rooms with scenic views and all essential amenities. The resort also offers various recreational activities and is known for its warm and hospitable service.

Lockwood Hotel Murree:

Lockwood Hotel is one of the oldest and most charming hotels in Murree.  Its quaint architecture and beautiful gardens make for a serene and nostalgic stay. The rooms are cozy and elegantly decorated, providing a comfortable retreat. It’s ideally located near popular tourist spots, making it convenient for sightseeing.

Hotel One Mall Road Murree:

Hotel One offers contemporary accommodations with easy access to Murree’s main attractions. The hotel’s rooms are modern and well-equipped, designed to provide a relaxing stay. Additional amenities include free Wi-Fi, a business center, and meeting facilities. It is a perfect choice for both business travelers and tourists looking to explore Murree.

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Family Activities in Murree:

Murree is a beautiful hill station in Pakistan offering a variety of family-friendly activities. Here are some popular options:

Outdoor Activities

  1. Mall Road: It is the central hub of Murree and a great spot for shopping, dining, and walking.
  2. Patriata (New Murree): Famous for its chair lifts and cable cars offering stunning views of valleys and forests.
  3. Pindi Point: This tourist point offers a chair lift ride, cable car ride, and panoramic views of the surrounding hills.
  4. Kashmir Point: Kashmir is known for its scenic beauty of hills and valleys.
  5. Ayubia National Park: The park is ideal for nature walks, wildlife spotting, and picnicking with your family. 
  6. Murree Hills: These hills are perfect for hiking and enjoying the natural landscape.
  7. Bhurban: A small town near Murree with luxurious hotels and golf courses.
  8. Nathia Gali: This beautiful hill station is known for its pleasant weather and trekking trails.
  9. Ayubia Chairlift and Pipeline Track: This adventurous spot is suitable for families offering adventurous activities and scenic views.

Historical and Cultural Sites:

  1. Murree Brewery: It is one of the oldest breweries in Pakistan with historical significance.
  2. Holy Trinity Church: This is a historic church with beautiful architecture to attract tourists.
  3. Lawrence College: It is an old educational institution with a rich history.

Dining and Shopping

  1. Local Eateries: There are many cafes, food stalls, and restaurants in different tourist destinations in Murree offering traditional Pakistani or local cuisine.
  2. Souvenir Shops: Mall Road is lined up with stalls offering local handicrafts, shawls, and other souvenirs for tourists. 

Tips for Booking Hotels:

Booking a hotel in Murree can be a delightful experience if you consider the following tips:

  • Book Early: Book your hotel in advance, especially during peak seasons (summer, winter holidays, and festivals). Early booking ensures better rates and availability.
  • Research: Check reviews and ratings on platforms like TripAdvisor,, or Google Reviews to gauge the quality of the hotel.
  • Set a Budget: Murree offers a range of accommodations from budget to luxury. Decide on your budget beforehand.
  • Compare Prices: Check Websites like, Agoda, and Airbnb to compare the rates of different hotels.
  • Proximity to Attractions: Choose a hotel close to Mall Road if you want to be near shopping and dining areas. For a more peaceful experience, consider hotels in Nathia Gali or Bhurban.
  • Basic Amenities: Check if the hotel offers essential amenities like Wi-Fi, heating, Air conditioning, hot water, and parking.
  • Family-friendly: If traveling with family, look for hotels offering secure and spacious family rooms.
  • Deals and Discounts: Look out for special deals, discounts, or packages like free breakfast or free parking.
  • Cancellation Policy: Understand the hotel’s cancellation and refund policies in case your plans change.


Choosing the right hotel can make all the difference in creating lasting memories while planning your family vacation to Murree. Prioritizes comfort, convenience, and safety for your loved ones while choosing a luxurious or budget-friendly accommodation. Murree promises a summer holiday filled with joy, relaxation, and quality time with your loved ones with a range of family-friendly hotels and activities. Plan your trip today and create unforgettable moments in the picturesque paradise of Murree!

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions):

  1. What are the best family-friendly hotels in Murree for the 2024 summer holidays?
  • There are several highly recommended family-friendly hotels in Murree for the 2024 summer holidays, including the Grand Taj Hotel, Pearl Continental Bhurban, Shangrila Resort Hotel, and Lockwood Hotel Murree. 
  1. What is the best time to book a family hotel in Murree for the summer holidays?
  • It is recommended to book your family hotel well in advance, ideally 1-2 months before your planned visit, as summer is a peak tourist season in Murree.
  1. Do these hotels offer family suites or connecting rooms?
  • Yes, many hotels offer family suites and connecting rooms to accommodate larger families. For instance, the Grand Taj Hotel Murree has spacious family suites with multiple bedrooms
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